"I love this play Fool for Love...It's a demanding piece...even critical in its silent moments. Bill Alderson will be wonderful in the role of the father. Acting is where he began...and his understanding of the craft has led him into becoming a wonderful director and teacher as well." -Kim Basinger

"My friend, Bill Alderson in my humble opinion, is wildly talented, brilliant and masterful teacher-actor-director and, of course, a sensitive and deeply special man. I can't wait to see this production." -Jeff Goldblum

"I am a great admirer of Bill Alderson's acting and directing and am looking forward to seeing him in Sam Shepard's Fool for Love." -Jon Voight

"When I was working with Bill Alderson truth was always a priority." -Allison Janney

"I have worked with Bill Alderson professionally as an actor and a director and I admire him greatly. I also admire his teaching." -Horton Foote

"To miss William Alderson onstage in Sam Sheperd's Fool for Love is unthinkable. I look forward to seeing this great teacher practice what he preaches and to critiquing his performance with the same high praise he gave me as a student when he would say: 'That was quite okay.'" -Michael Nouri

"Bill Alderson first as an actor and later as a director has had the most profound and positive influence on my artistic life imaginable. He's an inspiration. And I can't wait to see his production of Fool for Love." -Robert Carnegie

"Bill Alderson's students are very lucky - not only to have him as their director, but also as their teacher. Even luckier to be given the opportunity to share the stage with him." -Julie Sommars

"Powerful, charismatic and always truthful. Bill Alderson is the epitome of a true artist."-Nestor Carbonell

"Bill Alderson has meant a great deal to me as a teacher, a mentor and a friend. But there is no doubt that what fuels his creative spirit is his fundamental connection to the craft of acting. I can't wait to see him perform!"  -Nicholas D'Agosto

"William Alderson is simply the best." - Matt McCoy